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Buoyant Spider-Princes who bob along just out of reach.
Arachnid males will travel far in search of a mate, and farther still in search of one who won't eat them. Some resort to outlandish methods to find a Queen - or to escape her clutches afterward...
Arach daedalus.png
Health 1100
Physical Melee Damage 10-20
Poison Melee Damage 20-30
Magic Damage Resist 50%
Speed 35
Mana Bounty 40
Heart Cost 1

You first encounter this enemy on "Tarantella."

The level with the most Arach Daedalus (34) is "The Spiral".

Related Quest[]

Difficulty Quest Name Objective
Medium Pop the Balloons Kill 6 Arach Daedalus with Sniper Towers