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Drat02 Drat02 2 May 2021

Progress: Invasion Events

01. "Minotaur Mayhem" (July 3, 2020 to July 17, 2020)

02. "Bird Invasion" (September 1, 2020 to September 14, 2020)

03. "Aurora Invasion" (October 1, 2020 to October 15, 2020)

04. "Halloween Invasion" (October 29, 2020 to November 12, 2020)

05. "Fairytale Invasion" (November 26, 2020 to December 10, 2020)

06. "Holiday Invasion" (December 23, 2020 to January 6, 2021)

07. "Mineshaft Invasion" (January 20, 2021 to February 2, 2021)

08. "Lunar New Year Invasion" (February 12, 2021 to February 26, 2021)

09. "Minotaur Mayhem" (March 5, 2021 to March 19, 2021)

10. "Easter Invasion" (April 1, 2021 to April 15, 2021)

11. "Fairy Tale Invasion" (April 30, 2021 to May 14, 2021)

12. "Dragon Boat Invasion" (May 31, 2021 to June 14, 2021)

13. "Bird Invasion" (June 2…

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Drat02 Drat02 4 December 2020

An Ode to Furnace

I would be amiss not to choose this Card, Furnace, the Hero,

A veteran of this Avatar’s Battle Deck, he is now at Level 5 so certainly no tyro.

Furnace leaves us with more questions than answers,

Just one more of his many enhancers.

Furnace: is he a god, what the Crazy Kings call a Titan, a Giant of Ardor?

Or is he merely a man under all that heavy black armor?

Or is he some kind of revenant that has come to haunt the living?

And what of that magic orb he is always gripping?

Equally destructive are fire and ice,

An analog I find to be rather nice.

Making some believe that Furnace is Frostbeard’s brother.

But some mysteries might be better left unanswered, so it is best not to pother.

Furnace was born in a magma cauldron,

The lava of the Brym to him is …

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Drat02 Drat02 29 November 2020

Happy Holidays 2020!

February 1, 2021

David at TicBits re-issued the Crazy Card Pack today. The Card Pack was submitted to me as expected and I had no issues whatsoever this time around. The Card Pack contained the following Cards (40 were Common, 42 were Uncommon, nine were Rare, eight were Epic, and one Card was Legendary):

January 22, 2021

Thanks to Unknown Artist 141 and the developers, I was awarded a Crazy Card Pack today due to my work on the Wiki. Unfortunately, I was not able to see the contents of the Card Pack and confirm whether or not I actually received it. While I do keep an inventory of my Battle Deck in Microsoft Excel, I do not update it daily with changes as they happen in-game. In fact, the last time I updated it was nearly two months ago, on …

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Prayforme Prayforme 19 April 2019


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Drat02 Drat02 24 December 2018

A Long Hiatus

I've been taking a long hiatus from the game as I eagerly await new content, notably the addition of what I expect will be Ironclad Land. I've reached something of a stalemate with the game. Basically the only levels available to me over the last few months that I have yet to complete with even a single Star or Crown are "Last One Standing", "Treetops of the Orc King (Level 32)" and "Temple of the Serpent King (Level 50)". Attempts to complete these levels have not been met by me with much enthusiasm. I am still 20 Crowns shy of unlocking the Crown Lock after the Orc Tower. I still have great interest in the game and in this Wiki, however, even though I haven't been too involved with either as of late. To those that are still adding conten…

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Drat02 Drat02 3 September 2018

My Battle Deck

July 31, 2015 to December 26, 2021 (2,341 days)

Between new acquisitions and upgrading, my Battle Deck has surpassed 12,200 Cards. Below I have broken the Cards in my Battle Deck down by type and rarity.

Note: Late 2020 was when I finally started to show my appreciation to the developers (*rub my thumb across my fingertips*). On November 27, 2020 I was one of many recipients of the Daily Gems (2000 Gems) as a result of my participation in the Celebratory Event held earlier that month. I purchased a Crazy Starter Kit (100 Cards and 4000 Gems) on November 29, 2020. One Crazy Card Pack (100 Cards) was awarded to me on January 22, 2021 due to my work on the Wiki, although there remains some question as to what it contained or whether or not I ac…

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Drat02 Drat02 21 June 2018

Furnace Vs. Frostbeard on Facebook

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Drat02 Drat02 22 December 2017

Furnace in My Battle Deck

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Drat02 Drat02 13 December 2017

Hero Cards Spotlight

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Drat02 Drat02 29 September 2017

Language Matters: Heroes of Crazy Kings

Top row, from left: Blink, Holly, Knox, Sapphira, Behemoth, Haunt and Furnace.

Middle row, from left: Centurion, Oni, Knuckle, Umbra, Cindara, Shelly and iRon.

Bottom row, from left: Cobra, Ace, Oracle, Wolfric, Drake, Valorius and Frostbeard.

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Drat02 Drat02 2 September 2017

Heroes of the Brym

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Drat02 Drat02 30 August 2017

Fan Fiction

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Drat02 Drat02 5 August 2017

Heroes Versus Serpents: Cindara, Furnace and Cobra

  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Health
  • 3 Melee Damage
    • 3.1 Physical
    • 3.2 Poison
    • 3.3 Total
  • 4 Ranged Damage
    • 4.1 Physical
    • 4.2 Magic
    • 4.3 Total
  • 5 Resist Damage
    • 5.1 Physical
    • 5.2 Magic
    • 5.3 Poison
  • 6 Speed
  • 7 Attack Rate

In this blog post (which I will be editing further as time allows), I put three Heroes in the limelight in regards to their effectiveness in the Serpent levels: Cindara, Furnace, and Cobra.

Cobra was added in Game Version 1.7.1 and buffed in Game Version 1.9.1. Cobra was presumably added to the game with the intent to help out in Serpent Land, a series of new levels which were added to the game at the same time. Other Serpent-related Cards, such as Snowball Tower, Flare, and Salamander's Sting were also introduced and modified at about this time.

With Cobra's x2 damage against Serpents,…

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Drat02 Drat02 24 June 2017


Furnace is my favorite Hero. Now at Level 3, I'm starting to use him more and more in the game. Valorius, Knuckle, Sapphira, and Furnace make a powerhouse team in the Arenas. I usually have Valorius and my Avatar paired up elsewhere on the map, blocking another exit. When there's only one exit, the five together can pretty much stem the tide!

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Mwtc Mwtc 3 September 2016


I did not mean to save this.   Ignore!

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Kilter666 Kilter666 2 August 2016

Tournament Issue

I've brought this up on the Facebook page but thought I'd add it here as well.

For new and lower level players the tournament is a good place to get cards and gems. However, high level players have taken to dropping through the ranks and fighting their way back up. While a stream of high level players take all the awards the new / low level players aren't left with much.

2 fixes:

1) Make the tournaments level specific.


2) Have everyone start at the bottom when the tournament starts. Every 8 hours or so the top 5 advance. Award prizes as normal at the end.

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Unknown Artist 141 Unknown Artist 141 17 June 2016

Better management of topic content.

I have put this blog together to highlight good practice protocol around contributing to threads on this wiki.

It became apparent recently that it is not possible to extract part content of a thread and move it to a new or another existing thread. This was confirmed by Wiki staff to Mismagius Star who contacted them about the feasibility of this.

Under this circumstance, it is vitally important that when creating a new thread you keep to a single topic area. If you have two or more subject areas to raise, please initiate separate threads for each subject heading. Likewise, if you are contributing to an existing thread, please keep to the singular subject area of the thread. Avoid going off topic as much as possible.

This will benefit all …

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AndrewZ808 AndrewZ808 25 May 2016

About Me

Hey! Im Andrew Z, im new to this wiki, but old in the game, get it? Now lets go straight to the real thing, Crazy Kings is great, its an awesome game played by lots of people, many people also edit this wiki, congratulations Crazy Kings Wiki! I can really help in this wiki, I can edit errors in the pages, give some advice to you guys, and most importantly ,contribute to the wiki. I really can help a lot, you guys can trust me :)

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Unknown Artist 141 Unknown Artist 141 6 May 2016

Sourcing image files

Recently I was trying to get hold of an image file for an Arach Infernal to put on its information page on this wiki. The email link that was available on the Welcome page for acquiring graphic files was out of date.

Mwtc kindly did a screen shot of the critter and posted it to the page. I thank him for this assistance. Since then I have managed to get access to the original artwork through contact with Wooga Support. I have provided an extract of an email reply I got from them which should help others attempting to do the same in the future;

"Please check this link: Many images (such as enemy images) are available through this link. If you cannot locate what you need through the link or …

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RinaDasler RinaDasler 27 November 2015

Platinum league

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Mwtc Mwtc 28 September 2015

Outpost Prizes - Minimal Battle Deck

  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Impressions After 30 Days
  • 3 Impressions After 60 Days
  • 4 Impressions After 100 Days
  • 5 Outpost/Daily Chest Result Log
    • 5.1 Outpost Summary

There's been a long-standing belief/rumor among many people that the Outpost can reward players with any card in the game, regardless if you've unlocked said card elsewhere. Inspired by this forum thread questioning that assumption, I started a secondary game on a different device, and made it to the Outpost with a minimal amount of cards:

I will be keeping track of which cards are shown face-up in the Outpost, or as options in the Daily Chest. Of course, this won't prove that any given card cannot be unlocked for the first time via the Outpost, but it will help build a list of which ones can be.

My initial hy…

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Mismagius Star Mismagius Star 7 September 2015

Chat Tips

Everyone knows of a feature called Chat. Chat is a wonderful feature on Wikia and it helps many users talk, bond, and make friends. Recently, and sometimes regularly, there are some bugs that people try to avoid. Today i will give some tips i do that may help you in the feature with Chat. Some bugs are hard to avoid, and others are rather easy. Also, i will point out some features you might have not known. Yes, chat can be annoying, but can you imagine Wikia without it?

  • 1 Features
    • 1.1 Private Messages
    • 1.2 Kick and Ban
    • 1.3 What is Kicking?
    • 1.4 What is Banning?
    • 1.5 Make Chat Mod
  • 2 Useful Tricks
    • 2.1 In Case If Chat Crashing
    • 2.2 When You Have Two PMs To The Same User
    • 2.3 Other Tricks

Chat does have amazing features that makes it better than it already is, and thes…

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Snysta Snysta 5 September 2015

3-Star Shell Game

Pretty Simple and should be pretty easy. The cards I used where slowdown lvl5, Bolas lvl2, Sniper lvl4, Bladestorm lvl3, Clarion lvl1, Valorious lvl2, Centurion lvl5. I started off with slowdowns right above the cactus and the first building area on the path going up. Then I put Bolas down starting under the first slowdown putting the next 3 in a straight line, two near the tree then the last on the top of the first semicircle. I started the round filling in with Sniper towers at the bottom of the first bend then on the backside of the secound bend so they could attack in the middle of the group. Summon Toons cards when you feel it's needed and I only used the spell cards on the last wave just because I could haha. I recommend lvling Bolas…

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Nicorafael.uson Nicorafael.uson 1 September 2015

Crazy Kings Opinion

Crazy Kings is A Very Cool And Awesome Game. It Is All About Tower Defense And Cards.I Like This Game Because It Uses Cards, My Favorite Toys Are Cards. I Also Like The Armor And HeroesThank You For Reading The Pictures And My Blog!

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Temycho Temycho 26 August 2015

Minotaur Arena statistics

I want to know ,what are the loot chances in Minotaur Arena,because I dont get almost any Lightning there,so I would play it and write ,what I get there

Total games-39

Holy-5 times 

Bear Trap-4 times

Lightning-4 times

Mortar-2 times

Archer-3 times

Thunderstorm-2 times(in a row xD)

Wooden Shield-1time

Summon Dragon-1 time

Knuckle-1 time

Iron Helm-2 time

Slow-2 time

Centurion-4 time

Leather Cuirass-1 time

Valcyria Helm-2 time

Pirate -2 time

Steel Sword-1 time

Dragon Mail-1 time

Knox-1 time

Bonus Cards :Ring of regeneration

So most common card is Holy tower now,nearly 20% to get =)

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Omega358 Omega358 25 August 2015


Comment your fav flavor of pie

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PheonixPenguin PheonixPenguin 20 August 2015

Rare Card Locations

I've seen a lot of questions about where to find specific cards and was wondering if there was a good place to explain the mechanics of it to everyone. As per Mismagius Star's suggestion, I figured I may as well make a blog post about it. It seems to me that there are no pre-defined card drop locations for any Rare cards, only uncommon and common cards that are particularly useful against a certain enemy faction. Furthermore, it seems there are several different places it is possible to get rare cards: daily chests, quest chests, defending the stronghold, finishing top 5 in your league, the arenas, boss levels in the towers, and card packs, all of which are random. If any one wants to confirm this, or knows any other information on how to …

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RinaDasler RinaDasler 20 August 2015

Gold legue reward

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RinaDasler RinaDasler 20 August 2015

Silver legue reward

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Potatodragon Potatodragon 19 August 2015

Outpost rewards

This will be a list of all the outpost rewards I get.

Day 84: rare (frontside)- Ring of Might (My 1st)

Day 85: common - Magic buckler

Day 86: common - Spider mine

Day 87: uncommon (frontside) - Dragon mail

Day 88:common - Freeze

Day 89:common - Archer tower

Day 90:common - Spider mine

Day 91: rare (frontside)- Volcano Tower

Day 92:uncommon - Thunderstorm

Day 93:common - Archer Tower

Day 94:uncommon (frontside) - Clarion call

Day 95:common - Flare

Day 96:common - Fangblade

Day 97:common - Slowdown Tower

Day 98:rare (frontside) - Boots of the March

Day 99:uncommon - Talisman of Life

Day 100:uncommon - Valkyrie shield

Day 101:uncommon (frontside) - Knox

Day 102:uncommon - Wolfric

Day 103:common - Lightning tower

Day 104:common - Salamander's sting

Day 105:rare (fr…

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Mismagius Star Mismagius Star 19 August 2015

Polishing Up Your Profile

We all have profiles - the thing you are encouraged to change so people know some things about you! You can do this in many ways, such as adding a box. You can also keep it simple by just adding text or changing up fonts and colors. Just don't stick to the default profile! It's not good at all! Below are some ways to polish up your profile!

Set your preferred editor to source editor.

To change your preferred editor, head to your preferences. To do so, hover or click on the circle in the top right of your screen with your profile picture in it. Then select "Preferences". When there, select the "Editing" section. One of the first options is your preferred editor. Then select source editor! Now you are all set to polish up your profile!

Select y…

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Merivell Merivell 18 August 2015

Gameplay Lessons I've Learned

  1. Just because you have lots of places for towers, it doesn't mean you have to fill all those places.
    • Sometimes it's better to deploy just a few towers around a chokepoint, delpoy some heroes, and focus on upgrading the towers you have. More is not always better!
  2. Sometimes all you need is to slow things down.
    • Some levels that seem really hard, don't need bigger and stronger towers; they need 1 or 2 strong towers and all the enemies going really slowly along the whole path. Take advantage of the enemy's slower reaction times with some heroes.
  3. There's generally more than one solution.
    • Maybe you've read a guide on the forums and just can't make the proposed solution work. You may have all the right cards and just need to try deploying them slightly diff…
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Vocandin Vocandin 17 August 2015

Best Weapon in Crazy Kings

After some discussion, I came to the conclusion Crystalline is the best weapon overall. Why? Let's crunch some numbers:

Fang Blade (Atack rate: 1.0)

Crystalline (Atack rate: 1.1)

Crimson Talwar (Atack rate: 1.2)

And the infamous

Life Drinker (Atack rate: 2.0)

  • Let's compare DPS at lv6. Crimson Talwar wins it but it's really close to Life Drinker, BUT it doesn't have the downsides of it (-health and -health/s). So Crimson Talwar wins.
  • Now not everyone has a lv6 Crimson Talwar, and would opt for the Life Drinker, but as it has a really slow rate of atack, it doesn't make use of the base damage of the avatar (34-63 at lv27, avarage of 48.5) but those 48.5 becomes 24.25 with an atack rate of 2.0. With that in mind, let's check others total DPS:

By looking a…

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Merivell Merivell 17 August 2015

Current Cards

(Click into this post for nice formatting!)

(updated 4 May 2017)

These are my current cards. Anything with a "+" behind it is a card I currently have the resources to upgrade. 2 "+" symbols means I can upgrade 2 levels, etc. Feel free to let me know what you think I should be upgrading next!

  • 1 Towers
  • 2 Spells
  • 3 Heroes
  • 4 Gear

Levelless gear:

  • Taurine Crown
  • Life Drinker
  • Carrion Aegis

There's a lot of awful gear so this list only includes things that might be of use.

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Mismagius Star Mismagius Star 4 August 2015

Don't Know Tables?

Hello everyone, as we all know, on our pages we require tables to show information. When people make pages, not everyone knows how to make a table. This blog wiall simply show you how to do so!

Use the source editor.

Make sure you are using the full site of the wiki. Press the circle with your profile picture in it at the top right corner of your screen and select "Preferences". When in the Lreferences, select "Editing" and change your perfected editor to source editor. Step 1 is complete! You may not have to do this.

Start your table!

This is probobly the hardest step of them all, creating your table. To start a table, you must define different aspects of the table, such as class or width. On most of our pages, we start our tables like below,…

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Temycho Temycho 3 August 2015

Current cards(stealed from Merivell)



Slow -6

Archer 6+

Holy 6

Sniper 5


Bolas 4+

Mortar 4+

Poison 6

Volcano 3

Snowball 1+++

Illuminator 3


Freeze 6+

Spidermine 4++

Bladestorm 5+

Healing spree 5

Bear trap 5+

Clarion 4

Thunder 4

Meteor 5

Guardian of time 3

Summon dragon 4

Glyph 2+

Flare 3+


Knuckle 4

Sapphira 5

Valorius 5

Centurion 4+

Knox 4

Umbra 3

Cobra 2++

Wolfric  2

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Temycho Temycho 3 August 2015

Platinum reward

Get most awful for me reward in Tournament....I'm so angry,get Valorius(which I have level 5,so I think never up him again),Sapphira(level 5 too),useless dragon plate ,spider mine and  round shield.....

Time waste xD

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Schizophoenix Schizophoenix 3 August 2015

My Cards

Bold = fully upgraded

Asterisk = can upgrade

Italic = priority

  • 1 Towers
  • 2 Spells
  • 3 Heroes
  • 4 Equipment

  • Archer 9
  • Poison 9
  • Lightning 9
  • Pirate 9
  • Slowdown 9
  • Holy 8
  • Sniper 7
  • Bolas 7
  • Illuminator 7
  • Mortar 7
  • Snowball 6**
  • Crossbow 6
  • Volcano 6
  • Tesla 6
  • Dart 6
  • Javelin 6
  • Mana 5
  • WoS 4
  • Prism 4
  • Anti-Air 4

  • Freeze 9
  • Spider Mine 8*
  • Healing Spring 8
  • Totem of Might 8
  • Bladestorm 7*
  • Bear Trap 7*
  • Glyph of Fatigue 7*
  • Guardian of Time 7
  • Thunderstorm 7
  • Flare 7
  • Clarion Call 7
  • Meteor 7
  • Dragon 7
  • Rally 7
  • Thunder Moose 5
  • Frost Storm 3
  • Armageddon 3
  • Artillery 2

  • Cobra 7*
  • Oni 7*
  • Valorius 7
  • Knox 7
  • Sapphira 7
  • Knuckle 7
  • Umbra 7
  • Wolfric 7
  • Centurion 6**
  • Blink 6*
  • Holly 6*
  • Oracle 6
  • Ace 6
  • Cindara 5
  • Drake 5
  • Behemoth 5
  • Haunt 4
  • Shelley 4
  • Furnace 4
  • iRon 2

  • Salamander's Sting 6*
  • Crystalline 6
  • Helm of Many Eyes 6
  • Scarlet Shield 6
  • Vermilion Plate 5*
  • Ring of Might …

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Merivell Merivell 2 August 2015

Current Cards (2 Aug 2015)

  • Slowdown 6
  • Pirate 6
  • Wizard 6
  • Archer 6
  • Sniper 5
  • Poison 5
  • Holy 5+
  • Bolas 4
  • Volcano 3
  • Snowball 3
  • Mana 2+
  • Mortar 2
  • Well of Souls 1
  • Illuminator 1+

  • Freeze 5+
  • Healing Spring 5+
  • Bear Trap 5+
  • Spider Mines 4+
  • Bladestorm 5
  • Tunderstorm 3+
  • Dragon 3+
  • Guradian of Time 2++
  • Clarion Call 2
  • Meteor Strike 2+
  • Glyph of Fatigue 2

  • Centurion 5
  • Sapphira 4+
  • Knox 4+
  • Valorius 3+
  • Knuckle 3
  • Umbra 2
  • Blink 2
  • Cobra 2
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Potatodragon Potatodragon 27 July 2015

1st place in tournament (platinum leaque)

I got 1st place in platinum leaque this week:

Next up is diamond leaque!

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RinaDasler RinaDasler 27 July 2015

Bronze legue reward

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JinRonin JinRonin 19 July 2015

The Birth of a Legend

When a Gamer master a game without cheats, buy adventages or copy others...

...use only his own skills, have patience and iron will...

...then that grown to the best of all...

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CrazyKings CrazyKings 15 July 2015

Contest Ideas


We're interested in hosting a huge contest in the future rather than a giveaway. I'd like to see what types of contests the community is interested in participating in! While I came up with a couple random ideas as seen on the front page poll, I'm lending my ears to other ideas! 

Feel free to leave a comment of a possible contest idea. I promise some very epic prizes would be awarded since these would be contests rather than givewaways!

Let me know below! 


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Xepher22 Xepher22 13 July 2015

Month 3 of Crazy Kings

Typically within 3 months I start to become bored of a game, particularly with mobile gaming. There are a few exceptions however, and of course Crazy Kings is one of them. I'm now on Month 3 and still motivated into uncovering the map, collecting cards, upgrading my deck and perfecting every level.

Replay Value in a tower defence game is rather tricky, but Crazy Kings has certainly nailed it. I'm only 4 stages away from the Bird Tower, I can tell I still have some more discovering to do.

With what looks like to be active updates and an encouraging community, this definitely could sustain it's addictiveness like one of the great mobile games (Boom Beach, Clash of Clans, Candy Crush etc.)

I just hope in the next day or so, I will beat The Blood…

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DLiang DLiang 10 July 2015

what the...


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Legendqueen Legendqueen 10 July 2015

Strategy section added to all towers

Hi, Im' trying to add Defensive Strategy to all tower cards, but having a little bit difficulty in editting the crossbow or manatower.... because i dont have one of them.

Hope someone can help me out.

Btw, anyone's opinion about my current work will be welcomed here!

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Pecol Pecol 9 July 2015


hello world

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Jpoloni Jpoloni 8 July 2015

Arenas when you cant play

There is always a time when u are thinking of playing but u cant or when u should sleep and wont be playing in some hours.

Ive found useful if you cant play or wont be playing in more than 3 hours and u have arena tickets just use them and wait till you lose this will take less than a min per ticket and u can use them so the arena completion bar fills a little.

This is usefull if u cant play becouse of another task or girlfriend, or ur too tired and dont want to pay attention to anything but still want ur precious reward with filled bar.

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Potatodragon Potatodragon 8 July 2015

Won in tournament

Yes I won a tournament in silver league! Quite happy that I got boots of the march :)

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RinaDasler RinaDasler 8 July 2015

The Leaden Spiral 3 stars

Heroes: Sapphira & Valorios

Spells: none

Towers: Archer, Sniper, Well, Lightning, Holy

Start with 2 archer towers right at mob's enterance & start to attack enemies with Avatar right from the start

As soon as you have 180mana place Well by the top gate

The rest just spread all towers you have on hand (my lay out on picture), Spipers in furtherst from the road places. Upgrade Archers with poison, Lightning towers 1:2 at least. Dont bother with Holy until 8th wave when you'll have tons of mana to spend. Both summoned heroes goes to top gate

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