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Card Packs can boost your Battle Deck with random or predefined Cards. Card Packs containing random Cards can be purchased through the Crazy Kings Shop or won through Challenges and Fortune Slots. Periodically (and usually in commemoration of a special event or holiday) Card Packs in the Crazy Kings Shop go on sale; sometimes as much as 80% off of their original price. All random Card Packs have a small chance of containing a Legendary Card.

Special offers will also periodically appear throughout the game and remain available for purchase for one hour. These limited time offers are for Card Packs which contain predefined Cards and a predefined number of Gems. These special offers may appear more than once. Special offers include a Starter Kit, ten different Booster Packs and seven different Epic Booster Packs. These offers appear at random, but generally coincide with a player's progression in the game. These Card Packs often provide the quickest means of obtaining specific Cards in the game. For excellent commentary on these special offers, see this Forum thread by Paulpierre.

Random Card Packs[]

No. of Cards
Crazy Card Pack $99.99 Crazy Kings Shop (Store) 100 Contains at least: 7x Epic, 7x Rare
Super Card Pack $29.99 Crazy Kings Shop (Store) 30 Contains at least: 2x Epic, 2x Rare
Epic Card Pack $11.99 Crazy Kings Shop (Store) 10 Contains at least: 1x Epic
Card Pack $4.99 Crazy Kings Shop (Store) 8 Contains at least: 1x Rare
Mini Card Pack Free (Watch Video) Crazy Kings Shop (Store) 2 or 3 Available every 10h
Challenges Reward Card Pack 50 Medals Challenges 6 Can be claimed once the proper amount of Medals is acquired
Fortune Slots Reward Card Pack 500 Crown Chips Fortune Slots 10 Can be claimed once the proper amount of Crown Chips is acquired

Predefined Card Packs (Special Offers)[]

No. of Gems
Starter Kit $2.99 Vermilion Helm, Crossbow Tower, Haunt 500
Booster Pack #1 $4.99 Mana Tower, Sniper Tower (x2), Lightning Tower (x3) 750
Booster Pack #2 $4.99 Crystalline, Bolas Tower (x2), Poison Tower (x3) 750
Booster Pack #3 $4.99 Tesla Tower, Illuminator Tower (x3), Cobra (x2) 750
Booster Pack #4 $3.99 Holy Tower (x3), Lightning Tower (x3), Centurion (x3) 400
Booster Pack #5 $7.99 Volcano Tower, Thunderstorm (x2), Pirate Tower (x3) 800
Booster Pack #6 $9.99 Clarion Call (x4), Bladestorm (x4), Oni (x4) 1000
Booster Pack #7 $11.99 Bolas Tower (x3), Valorius, Sapphira (x3) 1200
Booster Pack #8 $14.99 Illuminator Tower (x3), Helm of Many Eyes (x3), Oracle (x3) 1500
Booster Pack #9 $19.99 Ace (x2), Thunder Moose (x2), Javelin Tower (x5) 1500
Booster Pack #10 $27.99 Javelin Tower (x2), Summon Dragon (x2), Artillery (x2) 1500
Epic Booster Pack $7.99 Well of Souls, Blink (x2), Bladestorm (x3) 1000
Epic Booster Pack $9.99 Armageddon, Crossbow Tower, Drake 1000
Epic Booster Pack $19.99 Prism of the Sun, Tesla Tower, Crossbow Tower 2000
Epic Booster Pack $19.99 Well of Souls, Sniper Tower (x3), Poison Tower (x3) 2000
Epic Booster Pack $24.99 Prism of the Sun (x3), Oracle (x3), Ace (x3) 2500
Epic Booster Pack $49.99 Armageddon (x4), Drake (x2), Cindara 2500
Epic Booster Pack $49.99 Well of Souls (x4), Cindara (x2), Tesla Tower 2500

Starter Kits[]

These one-time offers were released in game versions 1.41 and 1.42 in June 2020. They were made available for purchase in the Crazy Kings Shop.

Card Pack
Arena Tickets
Welcome Starter Kit $0.99 Card Pack x1 50 3 100 87%
Epic Starter Kit $14.99 Epic Card Pack x1 80 6 400 24%
Super Starter Kit $35.99 Super Card Pack x1 120 9 1000 24%
Crazy Starter Kit $89.99 Crazy Card Pack x1 150 12 4000 43%
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