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"Welcome to the Arena! You need tickets to fight in the Arena. You’ll receive more periodically. Winning Arena battles earns you Cards. Feel free to play an Arena battle now!"

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In order to play in the Arena you need red "Admit One" tickets. One ticket allows for one play in the Arena. There are currently five Arenas in the game: 1) Minotaur Arena, 2) Undead Arena, 3) Avian Arena, 4) Serpentine Arena and 5) Orc Arena. You receive one Arena ticket every 1 hour, 30 minutes and can have up to a maximum of three tickets at any given time. You will get a notification when you have the maximum number of tickets.

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If you don't have any Arena tickets you can watch a video (up to ten videos) or you can spend Gems. The first time it costs 9 Gems, the second time 14 Gems, the third time 20 Gems, the fourth time 30 Gems, and so on.

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Arenas can be discovered and unlocked by completing the level that precedes it with at least one Star. The levels that precede the Arenas are given below:

Arena Name of Level
Minotaur "Chillwater Crossing"
Undead "The Gates of Solomon's Reach"
Avian "Dragoman's Neck"
Serpentine "The Caldera's Blessing"
Orc "Stormwind Forest"

Every time you play in the Arena and win, you earn a Card. Each Arena has 24 possible reward Cards, chosen at random.

The following table shows how many times you must play (regardless of whether you win or lose) in a particular Arena in order to fill the progress bar to get a bonus Card. As you advance in the game, the Arenas get harder, with more enemies, and it takes more and more plays to get the bonus Card (to a maximum of 50 plays). The progress bar resets every time you get a bonus Card and the number of plays also resets. The bonus Card alternates between Rare and Uncommon Cards.

Bonus Card and Rarity No. of Plays Required
1st - Rare 10
2nd - Uncommon 15
3rd - Rare 20
4th - Uncommon 25
5th - Rare ?
6th - Uncommon ?
? ?
? ?
? 50?

Please see pages below for details on specific Arenas.

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