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"The keening peaks of Boreal are home to the Yetis, hairy mountaintop custodians of this isle. For centuries they kept a chilly, watchful truce with the humans who spread along their coast.

"But now boatloads of Boreal refugees are fleeing these shores, driven from their villages by furious Yeti attacks... and the one man who can speak Yeti is nowhere to be found."

This area is found off the northwest coast of Bird Land. Completing "Larkspur Roost" with at least 1 Star will unveil a Card Lock. To pass the Card Lock and thereby gain access to Boreal or Yeti Land requires that you have a Level 3 Sniper Tower and a Level 4 Poison Tower. Boreal includes 15 levels and does not have a King Tower. In addition to Yetis, you fight Vermin and Minotaurs in Boreal. The 15th Level, "The Giant's Table" is a boss level in which you must defeat the Yeti leader, a Hierophant. While the defeat of the Yeti Hierophant doesn't provide any Unique equipment, it does allow you to obtain the Hero Card, Wolfric.


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