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Bosses are different from Kings. Bosses are generally weaker than Kings, often serving in the game's story as the right hand of the Kings. With the exception of the Yeti Hierophant, Bosses are only encountered in the game once, usually in the level that precedes the King Towers. You win Stars for completing levels with Bosses (Ancient Treetrunk being the exception). You win Crowns for completing King Tower levels, including those in which a King is encountered. The Boss in Minotaur Land is Khanotaur. The Boss in Undead Land is Emberskull. The Boss in Bird Land is Dreadwing. The Boss in Serpent Land is Stonefang. The Boss in Orc Land is The Sculptor. On the tenth and final level of the Ancient Treetrunk, The Sculptor's creation, The Sculptor Mk II, is encountered. Those lands without King Towers also have Bosses. Slime Land (Eastmarsh) has Megabog Rex and Yeti Land (Boreal) has the nameless Yeti Hierophant.

Some of the Invasion Events have Bosses. The "Aurora Invasion" has the Yeti Hierophant, which is identical to the one encountered on "The Giant's Table". The "Fairtyale Invasion" has Silverclaw, the "Holiday Invasion" has the Holiday Malusar, the "Mineshaft Invasion" has Goldskull, the "Lunar New Year Invasion" has Dragon Li, and the "Island Invasion" has Beach Bull. The "Easter Invasion" has Dreadwing, the same one encountered on "Flight of the Dreadwing" except that the one in the Invasion Event has gold plummage and sports a half egg shell helmet with rabbit ears.

Some Bosses spawn special enemy units that are not encountered anywhere else in the game. Khanotaur spawns Khanotaur Raiders. Both Emberskull and Goldskull spawn Emberspawn. The Yeti Hierophants spawn Yeti Praetorians. The Sculptor and The Sculptor Mk II create wooden sculptures that paralyze nearby Towers. Dragon Li conjures up dragon totems to steal your player's Mana. Beach Bull summons Sand Crabs.

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