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"The Dragon Boat Invasion is here! We must defend the realm! But we have limited time..."

Invasion Events was a new feature added in game version 1.44 which was released on June 28, 2020. The twelfth Invasion Event was called "Dragon Boat Invasion". The event commenced on May 31, 2021 and concluded on June 14, 2021. A player needed at least 180 Stars to participate in the event. The event was repeated from June 3, 2022 to June 17, 2022 with different Enemy Power modifiers and rewards.

"Dragon Boat Invasion" presents three Difficulty modes: Easy, Hard, and Crazy. The Difficulty of play is achieved from the ratcheting up of Enemy Power from the standard game play. The number and variety of enemies remains the same across all three Difficulty modes. In total, there are 16 levels on the map, culminating with a Boss level as the final one. Like the "Aurora Invasion", "Fairytale Invasion", "Holiday Invasion", "Mineshaft Invasion" and "Lunar New Year Invasion" events, the Boss level of "Dragon Boat Invasion" does in fact contain a Boss, Dragon Li.

There are a combination of Cards, Gems and/or Energy, but not necessarily all three, rewarded for winning each level. The Card offerings, amount of Gems or Energy for completing the levels are predefined and are the same for all players.

Each of the levels requires 15 Energy to play. The Event has a finite duration of 15 days. The player is at liberty to play the Difficulty modes in any order that they desire. However, the levels within a mode have to be attempted in a sequential order. But, a player can move onto the next available level even if s/he completes the current level with just one Fleur-de-lis.

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Beyond the level rewards, there are also significantly better Card rewards for unlocking various stages of the event. These stages are determined by collecting a specified number of Fleurs-de-lis. These are earned from completion of the levels. A maximum of three Fleurs-de-lis can be obtained from completing each of the levels. One Fleur-de-lis is awarded for winning with less than 50% lives left, two for more than 50% but less than 100% lives left, and a maximum of three Fleurs-de-lis for finishing with all lives intact.

The stage or cumulative Card rewards were the same for all players. For the 2021 event, these rewards were as follows:

Fleurs-de-lis Easy Hard Crazy
9 Ace Guardian of Time Sniper Tower
18 Sapphira Staff of Dawn Haunt
27 Clarion Call Ring of Might Volcano Tower
35 Ring of Regeneration Artillery Thunder Moose
42 Shelly Armageddon Boots of Quantum Stride
48 Crossbow Tower Prism of the Sun Frostbeard

(For a graphical representation of these rewards, click here.)

For the 2022 event, these rewards were as follows:

Fleurs-de-lis Easy Hard Crazy
9 Helm of Many Eyes Heroic Halberd Valkyrie Shield
18 Ace Mortar Tower Ring of Regeneration
27 Dart Tower Behemoth Summon Dragon
35 Vermilion Helm Scarlet Shield Drake
42 Ring of Might Prism of the Sun Boots of Quantum Stride
48 Haunt Girdle of Pain Gatling Tower

(For a graphical representation of these rewards, click here.)

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