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"'Tis the season to be jolly but maybe not with these armored beasts. It's time to gear up and defend to secure our joyful Holidays!"

Invasion Events was a new feature added in game version 1.44 which was released on June 28, 2020. The sixth Invasion Event was called "Holiday Invasion". The event commenced on December 23, 2020 and concluded on January 6, 2021. Due to a bug, the Invasion Event was effectively open for 190 days (nearly six months), or at least an additional eight days of what was intended if the subsequent version 1.52 game update was installed upon its release on January 14. The event was repeated from December 23, 2021 to January 6, 2022 with different Enemy Power level modifiers and rewards. A player needed at least 180 Stars to participate in the event.

"Holiday Invasion" presented three Difficulty modes: Easy, Hard, and Crazy. The Difficulty of play is achieved from the ratcheting up of Enemy Power from the standard game play. The number and variety of enemies remained the same across all three Difficulty modes. In total, there were 16 levels on the map, culminating with a Boss level as the final one. Like the "Aurora Invasion" and "Fairytale Invasion" events, the Boss level of "Holiday Invasion" did in fact contain a Boss, Holiday Malusar. The "Holiday Invasion" was the second Invasion Event to introduce a new Card, in this case, Elven Rangers upon its initial run.

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Following the holiday theme, some of the Ironclad Axemen, Halberdiers, Legionnaires, Subjugators, Zeppelins, Mechanists, and Automatons in this Invasion Event were adorned with Christmas lights, reindeer antler helmets, red and green stocking caps, and wreath and cookie shields. Sleighs, sacks, and sleds containing gifts wrapped in bright paper; candy cane poles; snowmen; and gingerbread trees, cookies and houses were also scattered around the level maps. All of the maps had been reused from level maps that had appeared previously in the game, although the aforementioned holiday-themed objects had been added. In some cases, the maps have been inverted: exits had been moved to different locations and therefore the direction the enemies travel had been altered.

There were a combination of Cards, Gems and/or Energy, but not necessarily all three, rewarded for winning each level. The Card offerings, amount of Gems or Energy for completing the levels were predefined and were the same for all players.

For the first event, each of the levels required 15 Energy to play. For the second event, we saw a departure from the uniform 15 Energy requirement to 10, 15 and 20 for Easy, Hard and Crazy modes respectively. The event had a finite duration of 15 days. The player was at liberty to play the Difficulty modes in any order that they desire. However, the levels within a mode had to be attempted in a sequential order. But, a player could move onto the next available level even if s/he completed the current level with just one Fleur-de-lis.

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Beyond the level rewards, there were also significantly better Card rewards for unlocking various stages of the event. These stages were determined by collecting a specified number of Fleurs-de-lis. These were earned from completion of the levels. A maximum of three Fleurs-de-lis could be obtained from completing each of the levels. One Fleur-de-lis was awarded for winning with less than 50% lives left, two for more than 50% but less than 100% lives left, and a maximum of three Fleurs-de-lis for finishing with all lives intact.

The stage or cumulative Card rewards were the same for all players. For the December 2020 event, these rewards were as follows:

Fleurs-de-lis Easy Hard Crazy
9 Knox Bolas Tower Meteor Strike
18 Dart Tower Rally Elven Rangers
27 Clarion Call Crimson Talwar Crystalline
35 Vermilion Plate Elven Rangers Haunt
42 Drake Girdle of Pain Prism of the Sun
48 Elven Rangers Frost Storm Frostbeard

(For a graphical representation of these rewards, click here.)

For the December 2021 event, these rewards were as follows:

Fleurs-de-lis Easy Hard Crazy
9 Dragon Mail Talisman of Life Slippers of Swiftness
18 Meteor Strike Bolas Tower Vermilion Plate
27 Ace Shelly Elven Rangers
35 Scarlet Shield Elven Rangers Armaggedon
42 Mana Tower iRon Frost Storm
48 Elven Rangers Girdle of Pain Thor's Hammer

(For a graphical representation of these rewards, click here.)

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