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There are different types of levels that you must get through in order to achieve the most success in Crazy Kings.

Regular levels are identified on the main map with red shields that turn copper, silver, or gold after completion, depending on how many Stars you've attained on that specific level.

  • Three Stars mean you have defeated every opponent on the level. Thus, you win a gold shield and three rewards.
  • Two Stars mean you have lost at least one heart, but you did not lose more than half of your hearts. You win a silver shield and two rewards.
  • One Star means you have lost more than half of your hearts, but you still had at least one heart at the end of the last wave. You will only get a copper shield and one reward.

Rewards can be in the form of Cards, Gems or Energy. At the beginning of each level it shows what kind of prize you'll win corresponding to the amount of Stars you collect. Rewards can only be collected once from each level.

King Tower Levels are rewarded with Crowns rather than Stars. The player fights a King every 10 levels in the King Towers; these levels are identified by a gray and black shield with a skull. Once you've defeated the last King Tower level with three Crowns, you will earn a Unique Card.

The Outpost is a strategic level that must be defended each day from the attacks of the Ironclad Faction. The more days a player is able to defend the Outpost, the rarer the Cards that are rewarded to them. The Outpost can award prizes of undiscovered Cards.

The Grand Tournament Colosseum is a event that is held every week where the player must fight wave after wave of incoming enemy units of the Ironclad Faction. Players are ranked in a league according to their longest fight duration within the week.

Challenges is a battlefield where up to three maps can be played each day. The maps come from previously played levels except the cost in Energy is 20 and the maps have a higher difficulty level. Defeating the battlefield earns Medals. 50 Medals are turned in for a Challenges Reward Card Pack containing 6 Cards. These Cards have a chance to be any Card in the game.

The Arenas are where you can battle against waves of enemy units of a certain enemy faction: Minotaurs, Undead, Birds, Serpents, or Orcs. Levels are completed only by not losing a single heart. You are rewarded a random Card from a pool of 24 different Cards.

Invasion Events were added in game version 1.44. They are special events that are held for two weeks at a time, typically at the beginning of the month. Each event consists of 16 levels, replicated over three difficulties, and instead of Stars, completing each level grants Fleurs-de-lis which allows one to obtain valuable rewards.

Level Walkthrough[]

You can find a Strategy Guide section at the end of almost every level. If you still have any problem getting through a difficult level, please start a thread here and ask for help: Level and King Tower Discussion.

You can also read the General Strategy Guides of experienced users here: Share Your Strategy Board.

Level Areas, Lands, or Events[]

There are many different levels in the different lands. Minotaur, Undead, Bird, Serpent and Orc lands have King Towers, whereas Slime and Yeti lands do not.


Minotaur Land (Everwinter)

Minotaur Tower (Tower of the Minotaur King)

"Minotaur Mayhem" Invasion Event

"Fairytale Invasion" Invasion Event

"Island Invasion" Invasion Event


Undead Land (Unholy Land)

Undead Tower (Spire of the Undead King)

"Halloween Invasion" Invasion Event

"Mineshaft Invasion" Invasion Event


Slime Land (Eastmarsh)


Bird Land (Sandperch Desert & Archipelago of Tropical Islands)

Bird Tower (Eyrie of the Avian King)

"Bird Invasion" Invasion Event

"Easter Invasion" Invasion Event


Yeti Land (Boreal)

"Aurora Invasion" Invasion Event


Serpent Land (The Brym)

Serpent Tower (Temple of the Serpent King)

Serpent Ruins (Ruins of the Serpent King)


Orc Land (The Land Beyond)

Orc Tower (Treetops of the Orc King)

Orc Treetrunk (Ancient Treetrunk)


Ironclad Land (Arctic Challenge)

"Holiday Invasion" Invasion Event


"Lunar New Year Invasion" Invasion Event

"Dragon Boat Invasion" Invasion Event

"Mooncake Invasion" Invasion Event


"Beastly Bedlam" Invasion Event

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