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Rare cards are less frequent than Uncommon cards in the game, but occur more frequently than epic cards and legendary cards. they can be obtained by:

  • winning certain levels, both in the campaign and the king towers, (predefined drops only, overall there are very little)
  • winning matches in the Arena, (very small probability)
  • completing the first full bar in any Arena, and in any two full bars afterwards (guaranteed, but hard grinding is required, and the drops are selected randomly from a pool)
  • buying a card pack, (guaranteed)
  • as a reward from periodically available Outpost levels, (the seventh day from the beginning, and every seven days afterwards)
  • playing Fortune Slots (small probability)
  • gaining 500 crown chips in Fortune Slots, thus obtaining a card pack with 10 cards in it (guaranteed)
  • reward from Mini Card Packs, (small probability)
  • from Daily Reward Chest, (one in four, and you can only reobtain rares you already have)
  • gaining 50 medals from challenges, thus obtaining a card pack with 6 cards in it (probable)
  • as a reward from finishing in high positions of some Grand Tournament Colosseum League groups. (guaranteed)

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