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"The Sandperch Desert was once a fertile floodplain; the seat of a powerful empire of old, whose cities spanned the continent. Now their mighty works lie beneath the sands, and their ruins bake in the sun.

"Yet like the Phoenix, a new Kingdom has risen from their ashes..."

The Sandperch Desert is the third major area of the game. It is sometimes referred to as "Bird Land" or "Bird World". The Sandperch Desert contains 107 levels. It contains 40 levels total on the main continents (18 on the northeast continent, 11 on the northwest continent, and 11 on the southern continent) and 17 levels on the archipelago of tropical islands. It also has a King Tower (Eyrie of the Avian King) which contains 50 levels. The area also contains the Avian Arena and a Gem Mine.


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