Card thunderstorm

Uncommon Spell Card

Spell Cards have a diverse range of abilities from powerful summons, to hero-healing charms. All Spell Cards have a "Card cooldown" period and can only be used once during each of those intervals.

Spell Card attacks are not as consistent as Tower Cards due to their temporal limits, and they cannot be navigated around the screen actively like your Hero Cards. This includes Cards like Clarion Call and Thunder Moose. 

Offensive Spell Cards can affect a large group of enemies at once, but the attack range and damage depends on your ability to summon the spell accurately on the battlefield. In contrast, defensive Spell Cards can help slow down enemies or aid Heroes or Towers. 

List of Spell CardsEdit

Common Spell Cards

Card Name Effect Type of Damage
Card beartrap
Bear Trap Snaps a single enemy in its jaws when stepped on. Physical
Card bladestorm
Bladestorm Call down a deadly deluge of blades. 2x damage against Birds, 0.75x against Undead. Physical
Flare Spell Card
Flare A blazing torch that exposes all invisible units within its range. N/A
Card freezing
Freeze Snap-freeze enemies in a giant block of ice. Magical
Card glyphoffatigue
Glyph of Fatigue Slows down enemies who set foot in its circle. N/A
Card healingspring
Healing Spring Place a soothing shrine that heals nearby Heroes. N/A
Card spidermine
Spider Mine Erupts in a cloud of poison when stepped on. Poison
Card totemofmight
Totem of Might Plant a tribal totem that makes nearby Heroes hit harder. N/A

Uncommon Spell Cards

Card Name Effect Type of Damage
Card chivalric
Clarion Call Summon a trio of troops to fight at your side. Physical
Card guardianoftime
Guardian of Time Raise a stone guardian that teleports enemies backward. N/A
Card meteorstrike
Meteor Strike Slam a meteor into a pile of enemies. Physical
Card rally
Rally Teleport your Heroes right where you need them, and grant them a burst of courage. N/A
Card thunderstorm
Thunderstorm Call in a thunderstorm that rains bolts of lightning down on your enemies. Magical

Rare Spell Cards

Card Name Effect Type of Damage
Card artillery spell
Artillery Heavy artillery fire. Does 2.5x damage against Orcs. Physical
Card dragonbreath
Summon Dragon Scorch your enemies with a firebreathing Dragon that deals massive area damage. Magical
Card thundermoose
Thunder Moose Summon a surly Thunder Moose to fight at your side. Magical

Epic Spell Cards

Card Name Effect Type of Damage
Card armageddon
Armageddon Blanket the battlefield in a cleansing rain of destruction. Physical & Magical
FrostStorm Card
Frost Storm Freezes all enemies for a short while. N/A
Card lightninggoose
Lightning Goose Summon a Lightning Goose to fight at your side. Magical

Legendary Spell Card

Card Name Effect Type of Damage
Card blackdragon
Black Dragon Scorch enemies with armor-penetrating Dragon fire. Pure
Card skyfist
Sky Fist Swat enemies like they were flies with a mighty fist down from the skies. Physical
Card spacebeam
Space Beam Does major damage against the strongest enemies on the battlefield. Pure & Magical
Card warcry
Warcry Summon 7 warriors to fight at your side. Physical

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