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Rare Tower Cards have a golden border.

Tower Cards are Battle Cards to be placed on Tower Spots predetermined for each level. Tower Cards have varying ranges for their attacks, and unique Abilities, unlockable by upgrading your Cards. 

Tower Cards can be upgraded during battle. These upgrades, unique to each Card, can be viewed when selecting the Tower during battle. Towers that can be upgraded are marked with plus-signs after they are built. It should be noted that upgrades last only as long as the battle and are not the same as card upgrades done with the Card Upgrader.

Tower Cards are the primary force used to stop the swarms of enemies trying to reach your base. While most Hero Cards are good for melee style fighting, Towers excel at ranged damage. Though they vary in style and ability, most offensive Tower Cards are best for distributing damage against many enemies throughout a wave. Tower Cards have 5 types of Rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.


Common Name Max Uses
Attribute mana cost.png
Card archer.png
Archer Tower 5 50
Card toweroflight.png
Holy Tower 5 60
Card zeus.png
Lightning Tower 4 100
Card pirate.png
Pirate Tower 3 125
Card poisont.png
Poison Tower 3 90
Card stone.png
Slowdown Tower 4 60
Card snowballtower.png
Snowball Tower 7 40
Uncommon Name Max Uses
Attribute mana cost.png
AntiAir Tower.PNG
Anti-Air Tower 2 40
Card bolas.png
Bolas Tower 4 75
Card dart.png
Dart Tower 4 75
Card anglertower.png
Illuminator Tower 4 80
Javelin Tower.PNG
Javelin Tower 4 65
Card artillery.png
Mortar Tower 2 150
Card snipernest.png
Sniper Tower 3 100
Rare Name Max Uses
Attribute mana cost.png
Card firecrossbow.png
Crossbow Tower 5 70
Card manawell.png
Mana Tower 3 120
Card tesla.png
Tesla Tower 3 100
Card volcanotree.png
Volcano Tower 3 150
Epic Name Max Uses
Attribute mana cost.png
Card prism.png
Prism of the Sun 3 100
Card wellofsouls.png
Well of Souls 1 180
Legendary Name Max Uses
Attribute mana cost.png
Card gattling.png
Gatling Tower 1 190
Necromancer tower.png
Necromancer Tower 2 110

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