"The stench of the Minotaur King is getting stronger - we must be close. But across the ice a war party gathers, and the air crackles with arcane energy..."

Completion of this level allows you to access the Minotaur Arena.


Hearts Mana Waves Towers Avg. Time
20 300 6 7 ~7 min 7

Opposing ArmyEdit

Minotaur Grunt 95
Minotaur Mailhoof 26
Minotaur Spellweaver (first encounter) 3
Minotaur Knight 1

Rewards Edit

Each new Star you win in this level earns you a reward from this chest! (Items in parentheses are predefined and not random.)

1Star tran-0
2Stars tran-0
3Stars tran-0
Card (Bear Trap) Energy (5) Gems (5)

Related Quest Edit

Difficulty Quest Name Objective
Easy Crossbow Coast Win "Chillwater Crossing" using only Crossbow Towers
Hard Team Work Win "Chillwater Crossing" using only Hero Cards

Strategy GuideEdit

To be added.

Location Edit