Bird faction shield
Industrious egg-carrier who sends out kamikaze hatchlings.
Not all the Sandperch tribes rely on swords and spears to do battle. Some are lazy, or clever enough, to let the eggs of other birds do the fighting for them... often with explosive results.
Bird hatchmaster
Health 600
Melee Damage 35-50
Magic Defense 40%
Speed 50
Mana Bounty 50
Heart Cost 2

You first encounter this enemy on "Sandstone Aquifer".

The levels with the most Cruelsquawk Hatchmasters (10) are "Desert Crossing" and "Pirates Graveyard".

Related Quests Edit

Difficulty Quest name Objective
Hard Cruel Hatchling Kill 10 Cruelsquawk Hatchmasters
Hard Eggcellent Kill 3 Cruelsquawk Hatchmasters
Medium Last Squawk Kill 25 Cruelsquawk Hatchmasters.