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Big mean flying bossbird who uses giant spears as arrows.
Dreadwing used to be bullied for his disproportionately small wings. However, that all changed when this musclebound bird took to the skies and showed them who's boss.
Bird dreadwing fly.png
Health 17500
Physical Ranged Damage 300-600
Physical Melee Damage 300-600?
Magic Armor 35%
Speed 30
Mana Bounty 300
Heart Cost 100

The Boss of Bird Land, Dreadwing made his initial appearance in the game on "Flight of the Dreadwing". He appears in the level at the beginning of Wave 6. Dreadwing also made an appearance in Wave 4 of Level 16 of the "Easter Invasion" Invasion Event in April 2021. Dreadwing made another appearance in Wave 6 of "Beastly Bedlam 16" in November 2021.

Dreadwing flies and is armed with a bow that shoots massive arrows (or spears). When his health is reduced to 50%, he loses his bow and fights with just the spear, which cannot be thrown. He also loses his wings and must walk.