Fire damage is a type of damage attribute in which a projectile/spell deals continuous magic or physical (please verify) damage over a few seconds. Some quests require kills from the use of this feature.


Cards which have fire type element.



Heroes Edit

Quests Edit

Some quests require the use of fire damage to kill enemies. The following quests require the use of fire damage from any of the sources above, although these quests do not specify the use of certain Cards:

Difficulty Quest Name Objective
Easy Firebirds Kill 25 Bluefeather Brawlers with Fire attacks.
Easy It Burns! Kill 25 Minotaur Grunts with Fire attacks.
Easy Kill It With Fire! Kill 40 Arach Broodlings with Fire attacks.
Easy Lake of Fire Kill 40 enemies with Fire attacks.
Hard It's Getting Hot In Here Kill 500 enemies with Fire attacks.