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Fortune Slots was a new feature introduced as of Game Update Version 1.17. Fortune Slots become available to play every 10 hours with a 2 hour window to access them.

Fortune Slots timer

When these become available, there is an icon that appears on your game display with a timer counting down from 2 hours. That is your window of opportunity to use this feature. After 2 hours the icon disappears along with your chance to play the Fortune Slots.

A refinement was introduced in Game Update Version 1.17.1 so that the 2 hour Fortune Slots timer appears at the 10 hour mark or when you open the game for play, whichever is the later event. This was to help players avoid missing out on Fortune Slots play.

Fortune Slots display

You access it by watching up to 3 ad videos consecutively. To watch the videos, click on all three Slot machine graphics one after the other.

Once all 3 videos have been viewed, press the spin button found on the bottom right.

Crown Chips

Your reward will be whatever is displayed in the 3 slot windows. You can win any Cards from Common to Legendary rarity, Gems or Crown Chips.

Any Crown Chips that you win will increase the bar at the bottom of the screen. Once you reach a total of 500 Crown Chips the bar will be full.

Fortune Slots Bar

On reaching this point, you are rewarded with a Fortune Slots Card Pack comprising 10 Cards.

Fortune Card Pack

These Cards can be of any rarity.

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