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Hardy and quick, Grunts are the backbone of the Minotaur horde.
Minotaurs are not the brightest creatures in the realm. But what they lack in smarts, they make up for in brute strength.
Minotaur Grunt1.png
Health 50
Physical Melee Damage 2-5
Speed 60
Mana Bounty 6
Heart Cost 1

You first encounter this enemy on "The Shores of Everwinter".

The level with the most Minotaur Grunts (163) is "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Bull?".

Related Quests[]

Difficulty Quest Name Objective
Easy It Burns! Kill 25 Minotaur Grunts with Fire attacks
Medium Disgruntled Grunts Kill 200 Minotaur Grunts
Hard Welcome to Static Age Kill 1,400 Minotaur Grunts with Lightning attacks