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Minotaur faction shield.png
Mobile soup kitchens for the Minotaur-on-the-Go. Mind the splash!
Minotaurs eat on the hoof, and their cooks run into battle to serve up an in-fight snack. Unfortunately for us, Minotaur cooking smells so bad it puts everyone else off their lunch.
Minotaur pothead.png
Health 400
Physical Melee Damage 15-30
Poison Resistance 30%
Speed 60
Mana Bounty 25
Heart Cost 1

This unit disables nearby Towers upon death.

You first encounter this enemy on "Ice Lands".

The level with the most Minotaur Potheads (10) is "Aesir's Loom".

Related Quest[]

For the moment, Minotaur Potheads have no related quest.