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Vermin faction shield.png
Mysterious minstrel that calls on legions of rats to do his bidding.
Know what happens when people in pest control go crazy? This guy.
Vermin piedpiper2.png
Health 200
Physical Melee Damage 6-8
Magic Armor 30%
Speed 50
Mana Bounty 21
Heart Cost 1

Pied Pipers summon Rats.

You first encounter this enemy on "Hamelin" or "Tower of the Minotaur King (Level 13)", depending on the path you choose.

The level with the most Pied Pipers (16) is "Fiery Shores".

Related Quests[]

Difficulty Quest Name Objective
Easy Piper Trap Kill 2 Pied Pipers with Bear Trap
Easy Silence! Kill 5 Pied Pipers
Medium Stop the Music! Kill 25 Pied Pipers