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A pestilent pest with a poisonous bite. Watch out!
The reason why pest control is big business. Plague Rats are not always immune to their own vile diseases, but somehow they always live long enough to pass them on.
Vermin plaguerat2.png
Health 70
Physical Melee Damage 2-4
Poison Melee Damage: 15-20
Speed 75
Mana Bounty 7
Heart Cost 1

Plague Rats can be summoned by Plague Pipers.

You first encounter this enemy on "Cold Storage" or "Watering Hole", depending on the path you choose.

The level with the most unsummoned Plague Rats (111) is "Exodus".

Related Quests[]

Difficulty Quest Name Objective
Easy Pest Control Kill 60 Plague Rats
Hard Rat Hunt Kill 3,000 Plague Rats