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The Plague Monk on his steed is a fearsome sight on any battle field.
Where the Plague Monks ride, only death and pestilence follows.


Health 2600
Poison Melee Damage 120-160
Resist Magic Damage 40%
Resist Poison Damage 90%
Speed 40
Mana Bounty 40
Heart Cost 3

When a Plaguebringer dies, 3 or 4 Plague Monks appear.

You first encounter this enemy on "Temple of the Serpent King (Level 20)" or "Eye of Thyrvold", depending on the path you choose.

The levels with the most Plaguebringers (28) are "Temple of the Serpent King (Level 50)" and "The Spiral".

Related Quest[]

For the moment, Plaguebringers have no related quest.