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Fast and weak, rats have strength in numbers.
Rats are everywhere in the realm. Quick and practically endless in number, these pervasive pests could form a formidable army in the wrong hands.
Vermin rat2.png
Health 25
Physical Melee Damage 2-4
Speed 75
Mana Bounty 3
Heart Cost 1

Rats can be summoned by Pied Pipers.

You first encounter this enemy on "The Shores of Everwinter".

The level with the most unsummoned Rats (171) is "Beneath the Giant's Table".

Related Quests[]

Difficulty Quest Name Objective
Easy Ratcatcher Kill 20 Rats
Medium Multikill Kill 70 Rats with Bladestorm
Medium Overkill Kill 60 Rats with Prism of the Sun
Medium Ratcatcher Kill 200 Rats
Medium Rat Roast Kill 50 Rats with Summon Dragon
Hard Lord of the Rats Kill 5,000 Rats
Hard Rat King Kill 2,000 Rats
Hard Rat Poison Kill 360 Rats with Poison