Minotaur faction shield
Hulking headsman of the Minotaur King's personal retinue.
The Royal Executioners are picked from the biggest and meanest Brutes around. They weren't picked for their brains however - and after one awkward misunderstanding, King Bullhead had to explain that they were executioners FOR the King, not executioners OF the King.
Mino executioner
Health 1400
Physical Melee Damage 50-75
Physical Armor 50%
Speed 40
Mana Bounty 80
Heart Cost 3

You first encounter this enemy on "Tower of the Minotaur King (Level 39)" or "Andegavion Keep", depending on the path you choose.

The level with the most Royal Minotaur Executioners (10) is "Rocky Passage".

Related Quest Edit

For the moment, Royal Minotaur Executioners have no related quest.