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"Battle against waves of Undead to win Cards and improve your Battle Deck."

The Undead Arena in Unholy Land can be accessed after passing "The Gates of Solomon's Reach" level.


One random reward Card is won when an Arena map is successfully defeated. Undead Arena Rewards.PNG

Common (11) Uncommon (7) Rare (6)
Tower (6) Holy Tower Bolas Tower
Lightning Tower Sniper Tower
Pirate Tower
Slowdown Tower
Spell (3) Freeze Thunderstorm
Healing Spring
Hero (4) Knox Haunt
Sapphira Valorius
Equipment (11) Iron Cap Dragon Mail Crimson Talwar
Magic Buckler Valkyrie Shield Ring of Might
Steel Sword Ring of Regeneration
Steel-Toe Boots Vermilion Plate
Wooden Shield

Bonus Card[]

An additional bonus Card can be won when the bonus bar is full. This bonus Card will be one of the Uncommon or Rare reward Cards. Each play (win or lose) will progress the bonus Card bar. Each time a bonus Card is received the number of plays needed to fill the bar increases to a maximum of 50 plays.

Different Arena Maps[]

Using the Scout Report will tell you which Arena map you have by the amount of available Tower slots. As a general rule of thumb, the more Tower slots there are, the more difficult the map.

You can get 4, 5, or even 6 waves of Undead in the Arena.

Tower Slots (Version) Map Hearts Initial Mana Waves
8 (A)
1 550 4-5
8 (B)
Undead Arena 8B.PNG
1 500 4-6
9 (A)
1 850
9 (B)
1 650
9 (C)
1 675
10 (A)
1 1200 4-5
10 (B)
1 925 5
11 (A)
1 900
11 (B)
Undead Arena 11B.PNG
1 700 4-6
12 (A)
1 600
12 (B)
1 600
12 (C)
1 600
12 (D)
1 800
13 (A)
1 600
13 (B)
1 750


Undead Arena Location.PNG

Related Quests[]

Difficulty Quest Name Objective
Easy Piles of the Undead Win 6 battles in the Undead Arena
Easy Say No to Dark Magic Win "Undead Arena" without using Spell Cards
Easy Tales from the Crypt Win 5 battles in the Undead Arena
Easy Un-Holy Arena Win "Undead Arena" without using Holy Towers
Medium Down in the Bonehoard Win 10 battles in the Undead Arena
Medium The Unholy Gladiator Win 12 battles in the Undead Arena
Medium Undead Tower Arena Win "Undead Arena" using only Tower Cards
Hard Bone Grinder Win 7 battles in the Undead Arena
Hard Knee-Deep in the Dead Win 15 battles in the Undead Arena
Hard Undead Army Win 25 battles in the Undead Arena