Crazy Kings Wiki

Hello everyone, as we all know, on our pages we require tables to show information. When people make pages, not everyone knows how to make a table. This blog wiall simply show you how to do so!

Step 1

Use the source editor.

Make sure you are using the full site of the wiki. Press the circle with your profile picture in it at the top right corner of your screen and select "Preferences". When in the Lreferences, select "Editing" and change your perfected editor to source editor. Step 1 is complete! You may not have to do this.

Step 2

Start your table!

This is probobly the hardest step of them all, creating your table. To start a table, you must define different aspects of the table, such as class or width. On most of our pages, we start our tables like below, try it out!


That is how we start our tables.

Step 3

Add your content.

Now our tables has its aspects ready, so let's move onto making the body of the table. Remember, to make bold boxes, start with a !, but in boxes that should my be bold, start with a |. When you want to start a new column, put |- in a blank line seperatijg the content of two columns. See the example below, and see the result below that.

!Coins Earned
Score Coins Earned
100 10
999 99

You can also add more asppects, but for our tables? This is all we use for now. You have now learned how to make a table in the wiki! You can make them anywhere, except chat. Ask me questions if you have any!