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Volcano Tower is quite a special tower since its slugs do both magic and physical damage at the same time. It also has the highest attack speed in the game. Volcano Tower can be obtained by logging in to your Facebook account. Once acquired through your first log in to Facebook, it becomes a possible reward in the Serpentine Arena.

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Physical Damage 3-5 4-6 4-7 4-8 6-9 6-11 8-14 10-17 12-20 14-23
Magic Damage 1-2 1-3 2-4 3-5 3-6 4-7 4-8 5-10 6-12 7-14
Total Damage 4-7 5-9 6-11 7-13 9-15 10-18 12-22 15-27 18-32 21-37
Average DPS 18.3 23.3 28.3 33.3 40 46.6 56.6 70 83.3 96.6
Full Upgraded DPS 31.7 56.7 61.7 100 106.7 113.3 176.7 190 203.3 216.7
Attack Range 250 250 250 250 250 250 250 250 250 250
Blast Radius 85 85 85 85 85 85 85 85 85 85
Level 1→2 2→3 3→4 4→5 5→6 6→7 7→8 8→9 9→10
Upgrade Time 10h30m 1d4h 2d 2d10h 2d20h 3d3h 3d13h 5d 6d6h

Abilities and Upgrades[]

Both of Volcano Tower's abilities are upgradeable from Level 1 onward. Bovine Beef increases the damage done to Minotaur units and Pyroclastic Surge improves damage to all enemy types.

Bovine Beef.png Bovine Beef 1st 2nd 3rd
Extra Damage
to Minotaurs
x1.5 x2.0 x2.5
Mana Cost 100 200 300
Available at Level 1 3 5
Pyroclastic Surge.png Pyroclastic Surge 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Improved Damage +2-6 +4-8 +7-13 12-20
Mana Cost 120 160 280 450
Available at Level 1 2 4 7

Defensive Strategy[]

The Volcano Tower is a well rounded Tower Card that is given to the player for free after joining Facebook. This Tower makes Minotaur Land much easier due to its upgrade (Bovine Beef) that deals extra damage to units from the Minotaur Faction. The Volcano Tower has also proven itself to have outstanding crowd control abilities, thanks to its high attack speed and area of effect (AoE) attack.

As the game progresses, however, the Volcano Tower becomes less effective. This is most notable in Undead Land and Avian Land. Still, there are some levels where it's the game-changing card; so make sure not to rule it out. Because the Volcano Tower does low damage, it is best used to take away some life points from an entire wave or to wipe out hordes of low health enemies (i.e. Rats). Consequently, it should be integrated with other AoE Towers (i.e. Pirate Tower, Poison Tower, etc.) rather than being depended on as the only source of AoE damage.

Another widespread strategy is to put two, or even three Volcano Towers close together. This way, if the path has an intersection, or funnels enemies to a single path, the Volcano Towers can be your main damage source. It is also advised to always pair the Volcano Tower with the Slowdown Tower, as they complement each other well. In fact, without some form of slow or lock-down Tower, much of the damage the Volcano Tower can do is lost due to its poor tracking of moving targets.


Level Every Level

Without Bovine Beef upgrade

With Bovine Beef upgrade

Related Quests[]

Difficulty Quest Name Objective
Easy Magma Man Kill 120 enemies with Volcano Towers
Easy Rapid Bombing Kill 80 enemies from the Bird Tribe with Volcano Towers
Medium Hot Rocks Win "Fracture" without using Volcano Towers
Medium Lava Balls Kill 80 enemies from the Yeti Clan with Volcano Towers
Medium Lava Snakes Kill 140 Wyrmguards with Volcano Towers
Medium Molten Bones Kill 160 Skeletons with Volcano Towers
Medium Pyroclastic Blast Kill 250 enemies with Volcano Towers
Medium Yetis Versus Minotaurs Win "Moosicle Chairs" with 3 Stars without using Volcano Towers
Hard A Pyroclastic Flow Kill 800 enemies with Volcano Towers
Hard Scorched Spiders Kill 250 Arach Broodlings with Volcano Towers