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Serpent faction shield.png
Footless footsoldier of the slithering Serpent Cult.
In the stratified Serpent society, the Wymguard are the lowest of the low. Born into a slave caste, they are sworn to keep the temples and bonefarms safe from intruders - on pain of death.

Serpent wyrmguard.png

Health 300
Physical Melee Damage 30-50
Speed 70
Mana Bounty 12
Heart Cost 1

You first encounter this enemy on "Beware the Brym".

The level with the most Wyrmguards (227) is "The Black Valley".

Related Quests[]

Difficulty Quest Name Objective
Medium Behemian Reptiliary Kill 55 Wyrmguards with Behemoth
Medium Lava Snakes Kill 140 Wyrmguards with Volcano Towers
Hard Poison Snakes Kill 900 Wyrmguards with Poison