Serpent faction shield
High Priest of the Serpent Cult whose spirit lives on after death.
These shriveled patriarchs cling to life so desperately that even once their body is broken, their soul will not go to rest.


Health 700
Magic Melee Damage 35-60
Magic Damage Resist 50%
Speed 60
Mana Bounty 45
Heart Cost 1
Top: Live Form. Bottom: Spirit Form.

You first encounter this enemy on "Red River".

The level with the most Wyrmidon Augurs (19) is "Ruins of the Serpent King (Level 10)".

Background Edit

When a Wyrmidon Augur is killed, it spawns an unstoppable unit which only dies on its own after a short time (about 10 seconds).

Related Quest Edit

For the moment, Wyrmidon Augurs have no related quest.